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We pave the new way of O&M services

Traditionally O&M services had been carried out, considering an approach based on static procedures, issued by original equipment manufacturers.

STP is developing a dynamic approach to propose to users, based on a combination of highly innovative technologies with traditional and not negotiable maintenance routines:

  • predictive maintenance, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) routines, where software updates itself through machine learning features (ML) and is capable to activate alerts, according to its database of equivalent cases elsewhere; AI routines source their input data from the different equipment SCADA,
  • internet of things (IoT), these are devices connected through internet to all the different SCADA of each equipment and capable to switch on or off certain equipment (or any further required action), given the input received from AI routines,
  • blockchain, this is a protocol of transferring, storing and sharing data in a way, which is unchangeable after, transparent and capable of segregating sensible data. By using blockchain, combined with AI and IoT, we will be able to track in any moment what happened and why. By doing so, we will be able to be always compliant with warranty guidelines and insurance procedures,  
  • augmented reality, allowing local personnel to perform usual maintenance routines or even repairing equipment with support from remote, using specifically dedicated software, even capable to replicate the equipment end the maintenance issue, using a 3D printer.

The proposed approach will be able to:

  • reduce yearly cost of maintenance fees,
  • decrease significantly the time needed for your equipment to be revised,
  • lower insurance fees,
  • increase local team’s capabilities,
  • shrink drastically claims regarding maintenance activities,
  • foster know-how transfer,
  • provide you with a whole better level of services.

Services Provided

Services Provided STP provides full integrated services for EP, EPC, EPCM Projects in the implementation of industrial Plants.
Fully integrated services of the best engineering tradition and tailored to Customer requirements...

Business Lines

Business LinesIn many Industry Sectors, such as Oil &Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Power and Utilities & Off-sites facilities, we provide integrated services along the entire life cycle of the Project, starting from consulting up to Plant construction and start-up.

Main Projects

Main ProjectsSTP boasts a successful standing of more than 180 projects implementation in 40 countries for major Customers and several industrial sectors.