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STP is having available a brand new system of E-Procurement, which enables to deal effectively with Suppliers and Construction Subcontractors, aiming to improve rapidness, possibility of direct negotiations and fast receipt of offers at the due date.

This new platform enhances indeed transparency and allows reducing time-to-market offering to Clients a better service.

Basically, the software is based on an agile interface with external stakeholders, providing them with the opportunity to periodically update their profiles and their potential offerings. The interaction with STP ecosystem is significantly enhanced and is a two-ways highway.

As STP is moving towards a shift in the business model, including even the Construction phase, this platform allows to proper select and monitor how Suppliers and Subcontractors work and how they stick to the required high level standards of quality, reliability and safety.

The E-Procurement Platform is based on four main areas:

  • how to deal with Suppliers and Construction Subcontractors selection
  • how to issue a RFQ to the Suppliers and Construction Subcontractors
  • how to process and select the most proper offers
  • how to issue a quotation to the Clients

In each of these sections the software routines offer guidelines providing with all the necessary data about each potential counterpart, reducing significantly any waste of time. Of course all these data to be processed will be requested to STP ecosystem, but this interaction will allow to better perform tasks and duties.

The system manage a significant amount of data, counting on wise extraction routines so to properly bring to the attention of the decision makers only the more necessary information.

The data base is constantly updated and ranked, according to the necessary sorting drivers.

STP is also working for phase 2 of the E-Procurement Platform, envisaging to update it onto a blockchain environment.

Services Provided

Services Provided STP provides full integrated services for EP, EPC, EPCM Projects in the implementation of industrial Plants.
Fully integrated services of the best engineering tradition and tailored to Customer requirements...

Business Lines

Business LinesIn many Industry Sectors, such as Oil &Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Power and Utilities & Off-sites facilities, we provide integrated services along the entire life cycle of the Project, starting from consulting up to Plant construction and start-up.

Main Projects

Main ProjectsSTP boasts a successful standing of more than 180 projects implementation in 40 countries for major Customers and several industrial sectors.