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How we work

  • Ethical code
    Company personnel is committed to follow a code of ethics in every aspect of the business activity, by the principles of honesty and integrity keeping a standard of behaviour towards persons, organizations, Customers, partners, colleagues, vendors, subcontractors they may get in touch during their activity.

  • Human capital
    People are the key of STP's success. STP strives to a continuous improvement of both internal execution process and personnel skill through job training and tutorship (our senior specialists know how to teach further than how to do ) and specific training courses in Project Management and respective disciplines. Friendship, cooperation, collective decisions and opening to everybody’s point of view are the pillars on which STP builds the growing of its human capital.

  • Quality policy
    Both STP management and staff are committed to operate on the basis of written, reliable and consistent procedures, according to QA/QC organization chart and STP Quality Management System.
    A detailed Quality Plan is prepared at the very initial phase of the Project on the basis of the Company’s Quality Plan , to provide an handy tool to monitor and control all Project phases and match with Project’s targets and Customer expectations.




  • HSE policy
    STP is strongly committed in always giving priority to Health, Safety and Environment. A specific internal structure is appointed to monitor and control that HSE is duly considered during each phase of  Project development.
    Furthermore, STP is strongly committed to the principles of the sustainable development.
    Analysis of environment impact due to new investments, loss prevention and effluent treating knowledge are central part of STP culture and working methods.