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STP Re-refining Project in Lithuania
SSTP has been awarded the EPCM Contract for a new 60,000 Tons/year Used Lube Oil Re-refining Plant in Lithuania.
This is the 16th Re-refining Project in the record of STP references in the sector to confirm the high stand and worldwide appreciation of STP technology


STP Re-refining Project in USA
STP is proud to announce the awarding of a new contract in USA for a 3,500 BPSD Used Lube Oil Re-refining Project. The FEED Package is under execution.
STP advanced and competitive re-refining technology is very valued and highly successful in the lube oil market.


STP Re-refining contract in Russia
STP is glad to inform a new 150,000 Tons/year Used oil re-refining Contract in Russia (two trains x 75,000 Tons/year each).
The Contract includes Engineering and Supply of Equipment and Material plus Site Supervision during Construction.


Chemical Industry Engineerings
STP has been entrusted for Engineering activities by an International Company Leader in the Chemical Industry. The new activity in the Chemical Industry Projects opens the door to new business opportunities and broadens the range of services supplied by the Company.


New project in Pakistan
STP has been awarded for a new 30,000 BPSD Topping Unit and Flare Network in Karachi Refinery by National Refinery Limited (NRL), the largest Oil Company in Pakistan. The New Unit is aimed to increase the crude processing capacity.


STP more and more leader in re-refining
STP has been recently awarded two used lube oil re-refining projects in Saudi Arabia and Morocco. The 190,000 MTPY plant in Saudi Arabia will produce Group II Base Oils by Hydrofinishing. The 27,000 MTPY plant in Morocco will be designed to produce Base Oils Group I.

STP in Iran
STP is expanding the activity in the Oil & Gas Market in Iran and is developing at present a Propane Refrigeration Unit to AGTP and an Amine Recovery Unit to ILAM/EIED.


STP is 25 years
On January 25th, 2015 STP celebrates twenty five years from the foundation.


Strategic alliance in Oil & Gas
STP has signed a long term cooperation agreement with PETROCOR AG for the business development of Oil & Gas in Latin America, USA and Canada.
The cooperation is aimed at EP, EPC and EPCM Projects with the possible participation of local Contractors.


STP enhances business in Gas and Energy
STP has incorporated the Newco STP Gas & Energy Srl independent business unit for Gas projects development.
STP Gas & Energy Srl will pursue Gas projects on domestic and abroad markets relating to Gas pipelines, Compression stations, Gas underground storage and Gas treatment (Sweetening, Drying, Turboexpander, LPG and condensate recovery).
The cooperation is aimed at EP, EPC and EPCM Projects with the possible participation of local Contractors.


Used lube oil re-refining
STP has been awarded the FEED Contract for a 33,000 MTPY Used lube oil re-refining plant in Ahmadi, Kuwait by Kuwait Lube Oil Company (KLOC).
The re-refining plant will produce light, medium and heavy base oils and will include Process Unit, Utility Systems and Offsite Facilities.


STP new Re-refining Plant in Canada
STP has successfully started the 60,000 MTPY Used Oil Re-refining Plant at St. Hyacinthe, Quebec for VEOLIA ES Canada.
The Re-refining Plant is the largest re-refining in Canada and is operating at full capacity with products as per specification since 22 July 2013.


STP was awarded the Refinery Upgradation Project in Pakistan
STP has been entrusted by National Refinery Limited (NRL) the FEED work and ITB preparation of NRL Refinery Upgradation Project in Karachi, Pakistan.
Refinery Upgradation include New Naphtha Block, new VDU, Uniflex, DHDS and Ancillary Units.


STP Joint-Stock Corporation
On 3 October 2012 STP has changed its legal form from Limited Liability Company to Joint-Stock Corporation as a result of the business growth.


STP started up OSILUB Re-refining Plant
STP has succesfully started up the 120,000 MTPY OSILUB Used Oil Re-refining Plant at Gonfreville l'Orcher, Normandie France for TOTAL - VEOLIA Group.
The OSILUB Plant is one of the largest Re-refining Plant in the world and is in industrial operation since early july 2012. STP partnership with TOTAL - VEOLIA will be continuing for further development and implementation of Used Lube Oil Re-refining.


United Nations requires STP expertise
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) invited STP to attend an International Experts Workshop to be held in New Delhi, India, from November 30th to December 2nd 2011 on the Waste Oils management. STP technology and expertise in Waste Lube Oil Recycling is required to provide valuable inputs due to its longstanding experience in this sector. UNEP will make available to users an interactive software to facilitate the technology selection process.


New projects in Pakistan
National Refinery Limited (NRL), the largest refinery complex in Pakistan based in Karachi, entered into FEED Contracts with STP for the Revamping of Crude and Vacuum Distillation Units of Karachi Refinery. The Revamping is aimed to increase the processing capacity to 53,000 BPSD.


Used Lube Oil Re-refining
Based on its many years consolidated experience, STP is very much involved in developing worldwide this successful business opportunity. Facing numerous requests to implement re-refining plants, STP is studying a variety of solutions even by skid modules according to the different needs, plant capacities and product quality.


New EPC Contract in Iraq
STP is strengthening its presence in the Iraqi market having signed an EPC Contract with the Ministry of Oil for the implementation of the Light Naphtha Splitter Unit at MRC Daura Refinery Refinery, as an expansion of the PENEX DIH Isomerization Unit, an ongoing Project of STP.


Business Development in Iraq
Convinced of the strategic importance of Iraqi resources, STP contributed to the First Joint Commission Italy-Iraq of December 2009. STP further consolidated its contribution to smothering the existing difficulties to operate in the Country, mainly at Governmental and Banking system levels, and held several meetings and high level talks and negotiations with Iraqi counterparts. STP intends this way to comply with and foster the cooperation program Italy-Iraq.

Services Provided

Services Provided STP provides full integrated services for EP, EPC, EPCM Projects in the implementation of industrial Plants.
Fully integrated services of the best engineering tradition and tailored to Customer requirements...

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Business LinesIn many Industry Sectors, such as Oil &Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Power and Utilities & Off-sites facilities, we provide integrated services along the entire life cycle of the Project, starting from consulting up to Plant construction and start-up.

Main Projects

Main ProjectsSTP boasts a successful standing of more than 180 projects implementation in 40 countries for major Customers and several industrial sectors.