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List sw engineering

Top performing people use top performing tools. STP activity is supported by the must advanced software and hardware.

List sw engineering

  • CADMATIC 5.2: 3D Plant Modelling System
  • AUTOCAD 2011: All disciplines
  • SAP IV: Structural Design
  • TRIFLEX, CAESAR II: Piping stress and flexibility analysis
  • ASPEN HTFS TEAM 2006: PVHE Mechanical Design
    MT-VESS: PVHE Mechanical Design
  • PUMA 5: Piping material management
  • QUICK SIZE 3.5: Control valves calculation
  • ISO FLOW: Flow element calculation
  • SI TECH: Safety valves calculation
  • DOC WIN 2.1: Electrical design
    I-PROJECT 3.0: Electrical design
    SINERGY INTEGRA: Electrical design
    EXTEEM: Electrical design
  • DRIVE SIZE: Electric motor design
  • CALCULUX: Lighting system design
    DLUX 32: Lighting system design
    ZEUS PLUS: Lighting system design
  • JDC 3.0: Cables calculation and MTO/BOQ
    PICO: Cables calculation and MTO/BOQ
    BTICINO TSYSTEM 5.0: Cables calculation and MTO/BOQ


  • MRS TAB: Material requisition status
  • BT TAB: Bid tabulation
  • EXP TAB: Expediting report status
  • SHP TAB: Shipping management
  • PUMA 5: Piping material procurement
  • POS TAB: Purchase order status
  • IR TAB: Inspection report status

Project management

  • PRIMAVERA P3: Project Planning Schedule
    MS PROJECT 2000: Project Planning Schedule
  • PRIMAVERA P3: Construction Scheduling
    MS PROJECT 2000: Construction Scheduling
  • MS TAB: Physical progress calculation
  • EFH 1.0: Document management system
  • MMS 1.0: Material management system


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Services Provided

Services Provided STP provides full integrated services for EP, EPC, EPCM Projects in the implementation of industrial Plants.
Fully integrated services of the best engineering tradition and tailored to Customer requirements...

Business Lines

Business LinesIn many Industry Sectors, such as Oil &Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Power and Utilities & Off-sites facilities, we provide integrated services along the entire life cycle of the Project, starting from consulting up to Plant construction and start-up.

Main Projects

Main ProjectsSTP boasts a successful standing of more than 180 projects implementation in 40 countries for major Customers and several industrial sectors.